Thank you for your interest in a monthly website maintenance package. Maintaining your website on a regular basis is one of the most important ways to protect your investment in your website. This document explains SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd.’s policies for monthly website maintenance packages.

Pricing and Payments

SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd offers two website maintenance packages:

  1. Basic website maintenance is E750 per month.
  2. E-commerce website maintenance is E2 800 per month.

Website maintenance subscribers must purchase a separate maintenance package for each website to be maintained.

Monthly Schedule

SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd performs website maintenance each calendar month.

Hour allotment

Each monthly website maintenance package include a minimum of 1 hour allotment per day:

  1. Basic website maintenance packages have an hour allotment minimum & 4 hours maximum per day .
  2. E-commerce website maintenance packages have an hour allotment minimum & 6 hours maximum per day .

Website maintenance subscribers may request service on the maintained website up to their maximum hour allotment. If a subscriber’s requests exceed their monthly hour allotment, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will inform the subscriber and offer to perform the remaining tasks at SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd.’s normal billing rate.

SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will deduct a minimum of 15 minutes from the subscriber’s hour allotment each calendar day where service requests are fulfilled. If time spent on service requests exceeds 15 minutes during a calendar day, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will round the time to the nearest 15 minute interval.

For any maintenance subscriber who has purchased multiple website maintenance packages, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will aggregate the total hour allotment for the subscriber. This total hour allotment may be used for all websites being maintained.

Unused hours do not rollover into subsequent months.

Software updates

Each website maintenance subscriber has a standing monthly request for SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd to update website software. If applicable, “website software” includes:

  1. Core software for the website content management system.
  2. Website plugins.
  3. Website themes.

Any time SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd spends updating this website software counts against the subscriber’s hour allotment.

Remote Backups

At least once per calendar month, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd makes backup copies of:

  1. The main website files.
  2. The main website database.

All other items (including emails) are not guaranteed to be backed up.

The procedure to make these backup copies may be automatic or manual. Backups are moved to a different server (or drive) than the one hosting the website. Backups are retained for at least 90 days.

Upon request, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will restore a backup copy of the website maintenance subscriber’s website one time per month.

24/7 uptime monitoring

SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd uses an automatic system to check the HTTP status code of the homepage of each website under a monthly maintenance package. These checks are scheduled to be performed every hour of every day. This service is offered simply as a courtesy to website maintenance subscribers. SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd does not guarantee website uptime for the maintained site. SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd does not guarantee uptime for the automatic monitoring system.

Account summaries, cancellation, and refunds

Upon request, SoftCorp (PTY) Ltd will provide a statement of account and a summary of maintenance performed.

Website maintenance subscribers may cancel their maintenance service at any time by written request. After cancellation, website maintenance subscribers will receive a prorated refund for advanced payments on website maintenance services not yet performed.


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